Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The internet effect on teenagers

To determine the effect of internet's effect on teenagers.

  • addictive behavior can exist in internet usage

  • teenager more likely to use the internet to get product information, to purchase items, to read news, and to view sexually-oriented materials.

  • use te internet to play games, to listen to music, and to meet new people

  • for such people, work, friends, family, and sleep are replaced by a virtual world of chat rooms and games.

  • they neglect other important activities such as work, family and friends, or socializing in general to surf the internet.

  • estimates were based upon the no of hours spent "surfing the internet"for pleasure or personal interest (e.g. personal e-mail, scanning news groups, playing interactive games) rather than academic or employment related purposes.

  • effect on human culture ( Addiction Disorder)


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